IMO Guidelines for Crew Change

IMO-Guidelines for crew change

IMO has now prepared a 12 point guide to enable authorities and industry players to carry out crew changes on ships. The guidelines have been prepared in collaboration with a number of international organizations, including the International Shipowners' Association, ICS.

Good national guidelines for cre changes have been estabished, and these will continue to apply in Norway, but many Norwegian shipping companies have experienced major problems with the implementation of crew changes abroad.  

“Many seafarers have had to stay on board longer than usual. We are very pleased that the IMO has now taken the initiative to establish routines that ensure that crews can travel to and from the vessel as normal”, says acting Director of Shipping, Lars Alvestad. 

The guidelines are stricter than those that have so far been applicable in Norway. Individual shipping companies must consider for themselves the extent to which the measures proposed by the IMO should be implemented, to ensure that crew change can be carried out based on the vessel's operation and operating area.